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i have downloaded it and bought it and i dont know how to open it

help me please

i cant get the game can someone please help me with that

never mind

I can't get the game 


I would love to test beta, too :(

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Buyers on itch unfortunately do not have access to the beta available on Steam. :(

Is it possible to provide itch customers with a steam key?


Is the alpha going to come to If not, you should provide Steam keys for those of us who supported you on Itch so we can participate in the Alpha as well.

Good game but the update is taking a whil

is there a demo 


Both Steam and GoG get access to the alphas. Any chance of seeing that here?

good game but the update is taking a while.

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Game sucks you can't even play the game


This plays really nicely.

I've been gaming for 40 years (not nonstop...)   and often games likes like these present all the right elements, but  have some flaw in the rule set that limit the fun and make you yell in frustration.   This has no such flaws.

  It's very satisying, not hard to learn and is the first game to keep me at the keyboard late into the night  in  along time.

Well done devs.


Lionshield, I love this game!


Is there no win condition? Went to year 350 on hardest mode and the number of raiders is insane.


I think I made a mistake :/. No Steam key?.


Why would it come with a Steam key? This is, not Steam. 


Yes, it would be the first game in that comes with a Steam key!. How could I have thought otherwise?.

Thanks for necroing, anyway.


Excellent game, got this on Steam!


Good game nice ! Please add turkish lang


This is a great game, I do not regret that I bought it, I wait for AI with impatience ...! :)